The deal is done. The car you just sold has rolled off the lot, and is now running free in your target market.... Complete with a license plate that showcases your dealership's name. How do you want your dealership's name to be remembered?

The quality of the frame, should match the quality of the car. It should be a direct reflection of the quality of product you sell. If it is not, the customer will just simply throw it away.

Raised Panel Stainless Steel Frames
Custom Text top and bottom

Thin Top and Wide Bottom Raised Letter Panel
Can be reversed so larger area is on the top - 2 hole

Custom Stamped Shiny Finish Stainless Steel Metal License Plate Frame

Stamped stainless steel with custom shape
Thin Top and Wide Bottom Raised Letter Panel
Can be reversed so larger area is on the top - 2 hole

Stainless Steel License Plate Frame
Gun Metal finish
Stamped and Color Filled

Elegant Black Plated Stamped stainless steel
Thin Top and Wide Bottom Raised Letter Panel
Can be reversed so larger area is on the top, Silk Screen Accent Logo - 2 hole

Promoting and maintaining your brand is important.

Customers listen, watch and read your carefully crafted advertisements everyday. You spend valuable time and money to put your best foot forward in the appearance of your facilities. Shouldn’t this thought and attention extend to the calling card you attach to each new vehicle that rolls off your lot? Our line of stainless steel license plate frames are the perfect way to turn each new car you sell into a rolling billboard that will be seen on the streets everyday. Stainless Steel Frames are lightweight, highly durable, rustproof, and look fantastic. Available in several finishes, including brushed chrome, shiny chrome, black and gunmetal. Featuring easy to read stamped, color filled imprinting these frames will reflect the high standards your dealership maintains in every other regard.
Custom Panel License Plate Frames 720x480 1
Custom Stamped Stainless Steel License Plate Frames Sharp Performance 720x480 1

Benefits of Stainless Steel Plate Frames

  • Stainless steel license plate frames look better!
  • Stainless steel holds up better over time
  • Shipping weight is nearly half that of comparable zinc alloy frames, therefore saving you money
  • Less bulky
  • More finish options! Mirror shiny finish, brushed, gun metal plating, color paint
  • Only high grade stainless steel material is used. Does not rust or deteriorate
  • US & Canadian styles shown here. European & Australian Number Plate Frames are also available

Options Options and More Options  Its your brand make it custom!

Many Plating and finish options to choose from

License Plate Frame Finish Options

Sharp Performance

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality auto dealership promotional Products. Reinforce and connect with your customers everyday with branded products that your customers will use and appreciate. Low quality items are not used and are quickly discarded. Our high quality items are made to project the quality of your brand and dealership. A single item can generate thousands of impressions and is an immediate reminder of who to call for service, parts or their next new vehicle!

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